The Hebrew Alphabet

(Image Source: Organalle)

The Hebrew language is part of the Semitic language family which includes Aramaic, Arabic, Aamharic etc. Hebrew used to written in a different script now known as the paleo-Hebrew script. The switch to the current script began around the third century BC when a modified form of the Aramaic script began to be used. Thus the current Hebrew script is a descendant of the Aramaic script. The Hebrew script is case insensitive, however 5 of the 22 letters have special final forms (sofit) which are used only when the occur at the end of a word. Hebrew is also written right to left unlike English and other Latin based alphabets which are written from right to left.

One thought on “The Hebrew Alphabet

  1. נִצְחִי I am wanting to verify this means eternal and the name of each individual symbol (letter). I would love to see the phrase “Life Eternal” in your Hebrew calligraphy.

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